Lease IPv4 Space

We have IPv4 space available for long term lease.  The minimum quantity is a /24 or 256 addresses.  Once we have successfully executed the lease Agreement, a Letter Of Authorization (LOA) will be delivered to you so you can instruct your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) to begin announcing the IP space and you can begin to use it.  To get more information or to purchase, email [email protected] or call 877-336-7747.

The cost of the IP space is below and is based on a one year term, lower rates available for longer terms:

Block Size:  Monthly Cost Per IP:  Total Monthly Cost:

/24 (256 ip’s)  $ 1.00 $256.00

/23 (512 ip’s) $.90 $460.80

/22 (1024 ip’s) $.80 $819.20

/21 (2048 ip’s) $ .70 $ 1433.60

Larger blocks available upon request.

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