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Knowledgebase: UTM Profiles

UTM profiles, including antivirus, web filtering, application control, intrusion protection (IPS), email filtering, and data leak prevention (DLP) apply core UTM security functions to traffic accepted by security policies. The FortiGate unit comes pre-configured with default UTM profiles for all of these security features, and you can apply UTM features to traffic accepted by a security policy by selecting the default profiles for the UTM features that you want to apply.
You can also create UTM profile groups to group together sets of UTM profiles to further simplify adding UTM features to security policies.
The default profiles are designed to provide basic protection. You can modify the default profiles for you needs or create new ones. Creating multiple profiles means you can apply different levels of protection to different traffic types according to the security policies that accept the traffic.
In addition to the basic set of UTM profiles, the FortiGate unit includes specialized profiles for protecting SIP and SCCP VoIP traffic and offloading additional security functions using ICAP.
Endpoint control profiles are created to ensure that workstation computers (also known as endpoints) on your network, meet the network’s security requirements; otherwise, they are not permitted access. Enhanced by Fortinet’s FortiClient Endpoint Security software, FortiGate endpoint control can block or control access through the FortiGate unit for workstation computers depending on the security functions enabled on the computers and the applications running on them. After creating endpoint control profiles, you can add endpoint security profiles to security policies.

The final UTM profile feature, vulnerability scanning is independent of security policies. By using vulnerability scanning, you can scan computers on your network for multiple vulnerabilities, and take action to remove those vulnerabilities

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