Re-Setting and Changing SSH Access via the IPKVM

Re-Setting And Changing SSH Access Via The IPKVM

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In Order to Set or Re-set your SSH password for CentOS with the IPKVM, use the following steps:

Step 1: Connect to the IPKVM

Step 2: Go to the remote control section and connect to the console redirection

Step 3: Reboot the server using ctrl-alt-delete, hit escape as its rebooting

Step 4: You will have a cent OS boot menu, "press a"

Step 5: Press "1" (you are adding 1 to the boot options)

Step 6: This will cause it to boot into single user mode

Step 7: After it boots run the command "passwd", this command will set the password

Step 8: Then run the command "reboot"

Step 9: It will reboot and you can use the new password

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